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The Guide to Engagement 2023

Are you looking to create a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event that is 100% engaging for your audience?

Follow the guide! Discover the steps to follow and the best tips from our team to organize an event your attendee will remember. 


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The Audience Engagement formula
All our techniques to create engaging content
Our best tips for managing the rhythm
A Checklist to brief your speakers
Success story of a 100% engaging event
A toolbox to capture maximum feedback
The KPIs to measure engagement



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About Sparkup

Sparkup is a real-time audience engagement solution. Our objective: help you elevate your audience experience and maximize engagement at virtual, in-person or hybrid events by offering simple combining live streaming, virtual live audience and real-time interactivity. 

👉 Create new interactive event formats

👉 Interact with your audience in real-time

👉 Simultaneously engage your on-site and online attendees

Over 600 companies, event agencies and event profs are using Sparkup to create interactive events. Want to see how we can help?  Book a demo here.